• Understanding the Importance of T-Visa Evaluation

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    A T-Visa can be granted to victims of human trafficking and their immediate families if they agree to assist law enforcement in testifying against their perpetrators. In order to be eligible for a T-Visa, an individual must demonstrate that they will endure unusual or severe harm if they were deported from the U.S.

    Unusual or severe harm can include the following:

    *Age and personal circumstances of the T-Visa applicant.

    *Serious physical or mental illness of the T-Visa applicant because treatment is not available in their home country.

    *High likelihood of re-victimization.

    *Reasonable expectation of punishment by the trafficker or related individuals upon return to their country.

    A psychological evaluation can be helpful in highlighting the specific hardship issues and the mental health consequences of the physical or sexual abuse they endured while they were being trafficked.