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  • Interview Process

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    What Can I Expect During an Immigration Evaluation?

    We want to make the interview process a comfortable and safe environment .

    The person being interviewed will be the US citizen or person with the legal status. If the person is a minor, the parents will be seen for an initial history and then the minor will be seen alone.

    A typical immigration evaluation includes the following:

    *An interview with you and close members of your family for one or two sessions.

    *The interview will help me understand important psychological, medical, social background information.

    *If appropriate, a request for the client to obtain medical, psychological and other supporting documentation.

    *A review of medical, psychological, and other supporting documents would help me have a better understanding of your psychological and emotional functioning.

    *If necessary, I will administer assessment tests and questionnaires to help us figure out specific areas where you are having emotional difficulty.

    After I complete the evaluation, I will write a comprehensive report that integrates our findings and give it to your attorney and you for review. After it has been reviewed and accepted, a final report will be mail to your attorney and you.