Does a Divorce have to be so traumatic?
Divorce Mediation Services
The path for friendly resolution

    What is Divorce Mediation?

    Mediation is a voluntary process. The mediation offers the couple
    who is divorcing a neutral place where they can discuss their
    individual needs and reach agreements on how to divide their
    property, child support and visitation and maintenance for
    spouse. The couple meets with a mediator and discusses the
    various options to resolve the problem. The mediator assists the
    couple in keeping focused on the problem to be solved. This
    focus saves time, money, removes uncertainty and allows the
    couple to reach agreements. Mediation makes the process of
    divorce much more efficient because the couple is working
    together to reach a resolution.

    Why Does Mediation Work?

    The key to the mediation process is communication between the
    couple and their ability to reach mutual agreements. Through
    mediation, you can avoid hostile confrontations that could
    happen in the judicial process, with the use of lawyers to
    communicate disagreements and prevent the judge from making
    decisions when the couple can not reach agreements.
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