What are the benefits of mediation in divorce?
Divorce Mediation Services
      The path for friendly resolution    

    Economic. Mediation costs considerably less than litigation.

    Efficient.  The mediation process can usually resolve a dispute more quickly.

    Informal.  The mediation process is flexible and informal. The process can
    be        adapted to the needs of the couple who is divorcing.

    Empowering. The couple is directly involved in the negotiation and
    resolution. This may help in the future and a less hostile relationship can

    Confidential. Mediation is a private meeting between the mediator and the
    couple. Information disclosed during the mediation process can not be used as
    evidence in court cases.

    When is mediation less appropriate?

    The mediation does not work when one of the two parties do not cooperate in
    the process of reaching agreements and create a process so hostile that the
    person is not interested in reaching an amicable resolution.  In these cases the
    use of independent lawyers is much more advisable.

    What are the fees for Mediation?

    The divorce mediators are usually hired by the hour or for a set price in
    advance. The couple decides if either both sides or only one party is responsible
    for the costs of the mediation.

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