A Divorce doesn't have to be so painful
Divorce Mediation Services      
The path for friendly resolution

    "For many years I have seen my clients, both adults and children,
    go through so much emotional pain by the conflict that a divorce
    brings when the couple can only communicate through lawyers.  
    I always wondered if there was a more reasonable way to make
    this process less painful and less costly".

    Divorce Mediation makes the process less painful and costly
    because the couple is cooperating mutually with the assistance
    of the mediator to reach agreements that are beneficial for both
    and for the future of their children (in cases where there are

    Who is the mediator?

    Claudia Olave-Guillermo, MA, MSSW  earned her Master's  degree
    in Social Work from the Columbia University School of Social
    Work in 1999.  She also earned a Master's degree in Psychology
    from the City University of New York in 1994.  She has been
    working extensively with couples, families,  adolescents, children  
    and adults in individual, couple and family sessions.  She has
    experienced through the eyes of her patients the devastating
    impact of an angry divorce.

    *42-Hour Divorce Mediation; Center for Mediation & Training

    *New York State Dispute Resolution Association, Inc;
    *National Association of Social Workers;Member

    *Licensed Master of Social Work

    (This service is not linked to mental health services)
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